The doors to the WHOT Society
are closing July 25th!

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Growing Our Profession from the Inside-Out

We're a community of forward-thinking occupational therapists, forging a trail for our profession in the area of women's health. We've created this platform as a means of staying informed, inspired and connected. 

Here's how you can get involved:

WHOT Society

The WHOT Society is a membership community for OTs, OTAs and OT students. Our members get access to our private community forum, behind-the-scene interviews, interactive discussions and clinical case studies.

Doors Close July 25th!

Student Support

The WHOT Society has a special membership stream geared specifically towards OT students! Bring your questions, join in our student-led discussions and receive guidance from experienced practitioners in the field. 

Doors Close July 25th!

Group Coaching

The Inner Circle group coaching program is for occupational therapists that are ready to level up their practice in the virtual space with professional mentoring, business coaching, online content creation and automation. 

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